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Guinea Pigs - Old Clan


Rheeter Clan:  Ginger Snaps and All Spice




Update 08-08-2008:  Both Ginger Snaps and All Spice have passed away. Ginger Snaps died after All Spice and I thought she was doing fine but one day I woke up and she was dead. As all to common with guinea pigs, she did not display any signs of sickness so I have no idea why she died. All Spice was sickly when I got him and he was old so it was no surprise that he died. He actually lived longer than I had thought he would but he had a good life with us for the year he live here.  May they both rest in peace and be living happily in the guinea pig afterlife!



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  The Rheeter Clan has the top pool as shown to the left.  All Spice, the male, and Ginger Snaps, the spayed female bunk together and make up this clan.

  I adopted Ginger Snaps from the Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale. While living there she bunked in with Raquel who lives with Phil now in the Put Puts Clan.  Ginger Snaps is a total sweet heart but she is what I call a nibbler! Some guinea pigs like to nibble on everything even if its not food.  She is definitely less shy than All Spice.  I got All Spice from someone who was allergic to him and had him living outside.  It is not a good idea to keep guinea pigs outside, especially in south Florida where ticks, fleas and ants can easily attack them.  The weather is not conducive to them either because its either too hot or too cold and the damp rainy season could be deadly to them. Although they obviously live outside in the wild in South America, they are adapted to that climate and terrain and are suited for the elements there.  In captivity they are not.  Ginger Snaps reminded me of a cookie and because of her coloring she got that name.  All Spice, with his brown coloring also got a "spice" name.  I think they both adapted to their surroundings very well and to each other. 

  Most of the time these two mates spend time under the hay, which they love to tunnel in.  Both are fairly quiet meaning they don't scream for their food in the morning.  They both enjoy being held and loved on and neither one has ever peed on me!

  Thank you for visiting the Rheeter Clan page. I hope you enjoy the video and pictures of them!


 Click on Playlist to view the eight movies of Ginger Snaps and All Spice.



Ginger Snaps

Isn't she just adorable?

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