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 This southern black racer came to visit the zoo in June of 2006.  I noticed something slithering on the top of the fence out of the corner of my eye and was thoroughly delighted to see this awesome snake. I estimate that it was probably 6 feet in length. It was hard to tell since it was never fully extended.  It stayed about a half an hour and then went into the ficus hedge on the other side of the fence.


 It was a little alarming in the sense that it was perched above the tortoise pen and had its eye on my small Florida box turtle. I was watching it closely to make sure it didn't eat the little guy.  Surprisingly it did not leave the top of the fence and slither down onto the ground where it could have found something to eat.  This was the one and only time that I've seen a southern black racer in my yard.  I have seen plenty of snakes from time to time but never this species.








  This great blue heron, my FAVORITE bird, came to visit Diane's Zoo in early 2007. I first noticed that my back pond was all messed up and when I looked inside I noticed that five of the goldfish were missing! It was that same morning that I saw the actual culprit but it was in the front yard by the front pond. Then two days later it came back in the front yard and flew to the back and then landed on my next door neighbor's house. I was delighted to see my favorite bird but was sick that it ate my goldfish!


  About a month or so later, it came back and ate the two remaining goldfish in the back pond. Actually, I'm surprised it didn't come back sooner and eat them. So now I have only stocked the back pond with rosy red minnows which are quite small compared to the large goldfish and are also super fast. There are a few goldfish fry in the back pond so we'll see what happens to them. Probably when they get bigger I will put them in the front pond to keep them safe. As you can see from the blue tarp on the roof, my neighbor has NOT fixed his roof since Hurricane Wilma in October 2005! Gee whiz...its only been a year and a half and he is the only one in the neighborhood that didn't fix his roof! I can just picture it all flying into my yard during the next hurricane!!!





  On March 15, 2007 this great white egret MADE my day! I went to look out the front bedroom window to check on the turtles and fish when I had the distinct pleasure and surprise to see a great white egret on the pond's edge!  Unfortunately, the little darling ate at least two goldfish fry that I saw.  I have no idea how long it was there before I saw it so I don't know how many other fish it ate.


  Actually I am surprised it ate any fish since the pond is too deep (33") at the end it was hanging out at. One time it made a splash landing in the water and got a fish and later it speared a fish from the bridge. I think the reason it even showed up was because I had the pumps turned off since the night before when I put in volcanic ash. I didn't want the filters to get clogged with the ash so I was going to let it settle for 24 hours before cleaning the filters.  Since the water wasn't blurry from the pumps I figure the bird thought it would be a free, easy buffet!  This is the first time since I made a pond in the front that a great white egret showed up (that I know of!).  It makes me feel proud that I put the pond in and that I have my yards natural, not full of grass you have to mow, fertilize and water. Plus, having the yard enclosed with the lattice fence and flowering vines also helps keep it natural, private and inviting to wildlife. I thoroughly believe that is why the feral iguanas are here!


  Check out this fabulous bird with the pictures and way cool video below. 







Click on Playlist to view the long movie of the great white egret that came to visit Diane's Zoo on March 15, 2007.




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