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  This is an anole, probably the most common animal in the yard, other than ants of course!  These anoles are the most darling creatures. I love to watch them chase each other, eat insects, and "flash" at me! I know why they extend the red part of their necks out and it has something to do with other anoles, not to just amuse the wild zookeeper! LOL!!!  I have them all over the house, the plants, the patio and yes, even occasionally find them in the zoo house where I rescue them and put them back outside. What I really love to see are the baby anoles, tiny little creatures that really melt my heart! They must be prolific because I see babies quite often.






  This anole was climbing on a palm tree in the courtyard.  And boy can they jump and leap! This particular cutie stayed quite a while with me, allowing me to really get a good look at him. They are pretty fast creatures but I can catch them once in a while. I don't hold them long but sometimes they calm down enough to actually cling to your shirt and stay a while.  There are different types of lizards, anoles being one kind, in south Florida. And there are different types of anoles too. There are green anoles but you often see them light brown, not green. People often mistakenly call them chameleons but only true chameleons live in Africa and they are considerably bigger than North American anoles. The anoles do change colors but I don't see them do that much at all.  I am surprised when I do see a green one since mostly they are dull colored. 




  Now here is my buddy "flashing" me! I call it flashing because they continuously expand and retract their neck. It is pretty cool to see in person and it can last for several seconds to minutes.  I try to see "who" they are flashing at - a charming female anole nearby.  I have a great video of an anole flashing so please check that out in the video section.  The red part of the neck is called the dewlap and they extend it to attract a female, who will either come over and bite on it or take one look at the fellow and decide to get as far away from him as she can! LOL!! I have seen anoles bob their heads at each other and it is truly a neat experience, as is witnessing the flashing.









  Although the picture is a little blurry, you can tell that these two anoles are mating. Yep, right there in front of God and everybody else! Apparently they are not modest or shy lizards. LOL!!!


  These anoles also bob their heads up and down and when I see it, I do it too back to them, out of respect of course - like an anole greeting from a human! LOL! This behavior, of course, might look silly to us, but to an anole its an important part of mating, like the "flashing."


  Anoles are used to humans so aren't particularly shy and can at times venture close to us. They don't, however, make themselves available to us for close encounters generally. They often freeze in their tracks when I approach them either accidentally or purposely to get a get a good look.   They usually jump onto another piece of vegetation or climb a tree to get away. If you do catch them, their only defense is to bite you, which they will do. It doesn't hurt because they don't have any teeth but it does pinch. Sometimes they'll dangle on your finger, only held by their grip on your flesh.






  Click on Playlist to view the six movies of some of the locals at Dianes Zoo.

  This is a close up of a baby snail.  I'm actually loaded with snails lately. I mostly see them in the tortoise pen cleaning up the food area.  I've seen an abundance of tiny new ones everywhere in the pen. They also come out at night on the patio, which is where I got great video of the one in the video section above. Most people probably don't find them fascinating but I do. Imagine living inside a shell and then having the ability to extend your body outside of it and feel your way around. Personally I think that is pretty cool!



  I feel very lucky to have not only gotten an up close and personal encounter with this gorgeous dragonfly, but photograph it as well. Don't you think they are beautiful insects? This dragonfly was flying around the goldfish pond for several minutes and was lighting on my petunia plants.  I often have dragonflies visit because I have a lot of flowering plants that attract them.

  Notice the black and white tail and the lime green body. A nice combination if you ask me! God has done such a wonderful job of not only creating such an array of creatures for the planet, but for designing them so pleasant to look at. They are all such marvels!


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