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Guinea Pigs - Old Clan


Gweeker Clan:  Dr. Marvin, Betty and Wilma




Update 08-08-2008:  Dr. Marvin passed away earlier this year, within a short time of his two brothers, Bob Wiley and Gil. All three were old so it wasn't any surprise that they passed away.  None of the brothers were affectionate, especially Dr. Marvin, due to living in an animal shelter for so long before I adopted them. May he rest in peace and be living happily in the guinea pig afterlife! Betty and Wilma are now living in the Old Mailds Clan with Raquel.




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  The Gweeker Clan has the bottom pool as shown to the left.  This clan is made up of Dr. Marvin, Betty and Wilma.  Dr. Marvin is a brother to Gil and Bob Wiley.

  I adopted Dr. Marvin, along with Gil and Bob Wiley from the Wildlife Care Center in Fort Lauderdale in July 2005. Gil and Bob Wiley live in the Giggler Clan with My Siggy.  You can read about their story on the Giggler Clan page.  Dr. Marvin never got along well with his brothers so when I got Betty and Wilma I made a clan for the three of them. 

 Hurricane Wilma blew in on October 24, 2005. She was a terrible storm that did a tremendous amount of damage here in south Florida.  My neighborhood was without electricity for two full weeks. A few days after the storm I was walking down to a neighbor's house and I had one of the boy guinea pigs with me. A neighbor two houses down asked if that was a guinea pig and I said it was. The neighbor then showed me two female guinea pigs he had in a small dirty cage sitting outside the front of his house. He said they didn't want them and were unable to care for them properly. That was painfully obvious to me so I readily took them in.  I named the girls Betty and Wilma. Wilma was in honor of the hurricane - the reason I got them - so naturally I named the other one Betty as in Betty and Wilma from the cartoon "The Flintstones."

  Dr. Marvin gets along great with Betty and Wilma. None of them are spayed or neutered but Dr. Marvin doesn't bother them sexually at all. He was very aggressive with his brothers and is towards any other male, but not with the females. He just doesn't have it in him to mate with them.  He is an extremely mellow guinea pig, especially for an un-neutered male, with the ladies, but not the boys.  Betty and Wilma are also delightful. Both are very quiet, like Dr. Marvin. You rarely hear them gweek or coo or make any guinea pig noises. Wilma is the most shy and often eats in the hay instead of sitting by the food tray and eating like the other two.  

Thanks for visiting the Gweeker Clan page. I hope you will enjoy the video and pictures of them!


Click on Playlist to see the six movies of Dr. Marvin, Betty and Wilma.



Gweeker Clan

Betty is black/tan, Dr. Marvin is white/grey and Wilma is black/white.

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