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Guinea Pigs - Current Clan


Greek Boys Clan:  Aristotle "Abby Papa", Nichomachus & Agapetos

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Click on Playlist to view the movies of my Greek boys - Aristolte "Abby", Nichomachus and Agapetos. There are a lot of movies in the player - showing them on the floor, in their pool at leisure, outside in the garden, and doing what all guinea pigs love to do most - eat! I hope you enjoy the movies as much as I enjoyed making them because there is nothing more in the world I love to do than play with my three favorite boys in the whole wide world!!


The Greek Boys Photo Album


Click on a photo to enlarge it


Greek Boys Clan pool where they live

My dear Abby behind the monitor on my desk

My dear Abby on my desk

Abby eating hay on the desk

What a handsome fella hah?

Abby loves to sit on the towel by me on my desk

Abby loves eating the hay on the desk

Abby laying comfortably by the keyboard ready to go to work!

What an expert typist my guy is!

Abby is a little clumsy though and messes up the computer when he walks all over the keyboard!

Have you EVER seen a more handsome guy than my Abby???

He is one too cool cucumber!

My absolute FAVORITE picture of Aristotle!!!

My dear Abby getting ready to jump on "his" printer

Aristotle "King of the printer!"

The most adorable face ever!!!

My dear sweet Abby all comfy & cozy in his pool

"Pigging" out as usual!

Abby reaching for the pellets - must be like candy to them

On top of the world! Oh wait...just on top of the house!

I hope he didn't pee on my pillows!!

My dear Abby sitting on Herodeus' bed while the poor dog lays on the floor. Whats wrong with this picture???

Basil boy!

Basil boy strikes again!

Nichomachus on his "birth" day - mere hours old

Nicho on his birth day again

Nicho came out looking quite similar to Abby his daddy

Born into the spotlight and still hamming it up!

Daddy Aristotle and baby Nicohomachus

Abby was a great daddy from day one!

The "fam"; Abby, Nichomachus & Cindylita

Cute family aren't they?

They sat so well for their first family photos!

All lined up ever so nicely!

One of my favorite photos!

Baby Nicho nursing

I love the look on their faces!

This is just soooooooo cute!!

Agapetos - my dear "Agapetie is a sweetie" 1 day old

He was a love child from the get go!

Daddy Abby with his 2nd son, Agapetos

Abby loved Aggie from the start

Abby and Aggie hitting the food bowl

Abby's 2nd "fam"; baby Agapetos with his mom Lolita

A great picture of the family

Abby and Lolita posing with their son Agapetos

Aggie hitching a ride on the backs of his parents!

Agapetos with his mom Lolita

Agapetos and Lolita when he was 1 day old

Half brothers Agapetos and Nichomachus

Aristotle with his two sons Agapetos and Nichomachus

Abby with his two boys

Abby, Aggie and Nicho on the living room floor

Abby enjoying his time outside on the back patio

Abby in the herbs on the back patio table

Abby and Nichomachus in the herbs

Close up of Abby and Nicho in the herbs

Father and son enjoying time together on the patio table

Abby and Nicho running around on the patio table

Abby and Nicho relaxing in the herbs on the patio table

Great photo of father and son on the patio table

Abby with son Nichomachus enjoying their lettuce feast in the garden

Nichomachus climbing on his father in the lettuce patch



 I have plenty of video and pictures of my guinea pigs on their respective "clan" pages. The links are on the top left and right below.  I hope that you will enjoy the video and pictures and that my information was helpful to you.


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