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Guinea Pigs


Getting a Guinea Pig

  I do not recommend having just one guinea pig because they are social creatures that live in large groups in the wild, therefore in captivity should not be sentenced to a life by themselves. Having two together is sufficient but not less than that! Besides, guinea pigs love to be in their cages and love to snuggle with each other and burrow in the hay. You will not be able to pick them up and cuddle and love on them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Like people, they need to be with their own kind or they will become insane! Now where to get a guinea pig is the question! I do recommend searching the internet for local rescue groups and shelters that help in placing guinea pigs in homes. Believe it or not, there are plenty of guinea pig rescue groups out there. If you live in south Florida I recommend getting them from the Wildlife Care Center where I got seven of my ten guinea pigs.  Like many animals, people get guinea pigs and quickly tire of them which is why rescue groups have so many available.  Only one of my pigs is from a pet store. Thats not to say getting one from a store is bad, its just that it is better to give one a home who is in a rescue shelter or group first.  But even getting one from a pet store and giving it a good home is better than having it sit in some small glass box in a store!

  Keep in mind that guinea pigs are living creatures, NOT toys for the children who will quickly tire of them. With proper diet and housing and lots of loving, guinea pigs can live for up to 8 years in captivity.  Getting a guinea pig is a commitment on  your part and should not be taken lightly!  You must except that they require daily feeding and watering and at least twice weekly cage maintenance or cleaning, depending on how big your cage is.  I also do not recommend having guinea pigs for children who are less than five years old.  If  you have an exceptional child who can help you with the chores and appreciate these wonderful animals than go ahead and get some. Otherwise, my experience is that young children don't work well with small animals. A large reason to have animals with children is to teach them how to care for living things and how to appreciate them for what they are. Please keep that in mind when deciding to get a guinea pig for your children.  Whether the guinea pig is for you or your children, you are responsible for taking care of it and must live up to that responsibility. Your guinea pig should be held at least once a day to foster a good relationship between the two of you.  Besides, playing with guinea pigs is one of the most joyous of life's delights!

  VERY IMPORTANT: When deciding to get guinea pigs make sure they all get along before you take them home.  Male guinea pigs are notorious for fighting! Even males who are brothers and have grown up together can suddenly begin fighting. The fighting is really nasty and the "fur flies" for sure! I've seen some very deep wounds from fighting. The only way to know how males will get along is to put them together and monitor them. If they fight, they will usually begin fighting quickly after an introduction. I have no idea why they fight or why some fight with certain ones and not others. All I know is that once they fight they will never get along.  Adult males will more readily accept a baby male than another adult male. Females can also fight but it is less common.  For such docile creatures, they sure can be extremely aggressive.

  VERY IMPORTANT:  Before getting any guinea pigs do research on local veterinarians to see if any will see a guinea pig. Believe it or not, most vets do not practice on animals expect dogs and cats! Even if a vet is "willing" to see your guinea pig, they are more than likely NOT experienced in their care. Guinea pigs can become sick and die rapidly. They are difficult to treat in my experience. You must give this the attention it deserves before acquiring any guinea pigs for the sake of the animal.


  I hope that my information on getting a guinea pig was helpful to you.


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