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Ponds & Fish


Front Turtle and Goldfish Pond


1200 gallon turtle/goldfish pond stats:



26 feet

Channel width:

21 inches

Small pool width:

54 inches

Large pool width:

74 inches

Deepest depth:

33 inches

Shallowest depth:

15 inches

  The pond the goldfish and turtles live in starts about 6 feet from the front door and extends down towards the street to about 4 feet from the front lattice fence by the sidewalk.  I so TOTALLY LOVE that I can see my turtles and goldfish from the kitchen window and my bedroom window.  I am able to observe them behave naturally without disturbing them. I often see the feral iguanas hanging around the pond as well.  They must feel at home here near the other reptiles.  The picture to the left was taken from the deep end looking toward the shallow end by the front door.  The deep end is by the lattice fence and that is the view from the bedroom window.  The turtles all lay on the edge of the pond on that end so I get daily views of them doing what they naturally do - soaking up the sun here in south Florida! 

  I love living in a warm climate so that I can have the turtles and fish live outside all year round.  The Malayan box turtle comes from southeast Asia so would not be able to live outside all year much farther north of here.  I started out with a much smaller pond years ago.  It was only 300 gallons and as I got more sliders I realized it was too small.  In August 2005 I had some help digging the 1200 gallon pond.  It was a lot of work and expense but very well worth it! There are currently eleven turtles and a lot of goldfish and rosy red minnows living in it, plus 3 plecostomus.  Update March 2007:  The front pond has been visited by a great blue heron and a great white egret. Please visit the locals page to view the pictures and movies and read the stories!

   The entire front yard is enclosed by a 4 foot high lattice fence filled with flowering vines.  I could not have a pond, and especially with turtles, without the enclosure.  It was a lot of work and expense as well to enclose it, but like the pond itself definitely worth it! Not only is it pretty with the flowering vines but its functional and does the job it was designed to do - keep the turtles in the yard. I was a little surprised to find out that turtles do in fact like to walk around the yard quite a bit. Mojo, a red ear slider, in particular goes for a daily walk. Maili, the Malayan box turtles also likes to cruise around. On occasion I find turtles on the front stoop by the front door. Contrary to what you might think, turtles are excellent climbers!!! I call Mojo a monkey in a reptile suit! I have seen him climb on large rocks and plow through vegetation with ease. He never fails to amuse me. The bottom of the lattice fence has a 12 inch board nailed on the inside all the way around to prevent them from digging out or putting their heads through the holes in the lattice.  The feral iguanas LOVE the lattice fence and often run on the railing. They also disappear into the flowering vines. I often come outside and see them on the railing. What can I say...its like my own little paradise!  The front yard is like a park and its filled with turtles, lizards, toads, butterflies and whatever critter decides to visit or take up residence.





Click on Playlist to view the seven movies of the front turtle and goldfish pond.

These are pictures of the lattice fence that encloses the front yard


Driveway view

Here you can see the lattice fence with the pretty flowering vines along side of the driveway.


Here are pictures of the pond area and the animals.


Goldfish in bubbles!

Cool picture of the fish in bubbles in the deep end of the pond.

  I hope that you enjoyed the pictures and video on this page!


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