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Ponds & Fish


2 Tiered Pond

  This is a small pond with two tiers - or a waterfall pond.  It was not too terribly difficult to put in but like usual, its not level! Oh well! I put it under a lemon tree right in front of my bedroom window. I love to look at it from the house. I especially love that it is a favorite hang out for the feral iguanas as pictured below.

  Mojo, my most active red ear slider, loves to go for a daily walk and he usually ends up in the bottom part of the pond. He amazes me by how he climbs on the rocks around the pond and then how he pulls himself out of the water and back on the rocks. I have found other turtles in there from time to time and they don't have the ability to get back out. I used to use blue pond shade to make the water blue but since the turtles seems to go in there I decided not to use it anymore. Too bad because it looks so pretty and you can see the blue color in the photo. There are no fish in the pond because its extremely small.



Click Playlist to see the movie of the waterfall pond.


  I hope that you enjoyed the pictures of the 2 tiered pond and the totally way cool feral iguana!


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